You can make your Sqish even more discreet by adding a sqishoflage sticker. Take a picture of the location where the Sqish will be sited and we will supply a UV-stable matt finish sticker for you to attach. We now print 3 stickers to allow a better match, one light tone one medium and one dark...


The Sqish currently comes in white. It can be made more discreet by adding a skin. We can produce a skin in any colour or from an image taken of the installation site as follows:

Take an photo of the installation site ideally with our colour match chart to one side. The colour match chart helps us to match the tone. The image needs to be around 60cm wide for us to crop the correct size skin.

The image should be a minimum of 2mb but not larger than 10mb. Email the image to

We produce 3 skins in 3 tones to help get a better match. They generally take 3 to 5 days to produce.

If Sqish's are being installed in quantity on larger developments with the same colour scheme or finish then we will spend time matching the finish to suit.

Fixing the skin:

1. Use soapy water to wet the surface of the sqish.

2. Peel the backing off the skin and wet the sticky side with soapy water.

3. Carefully slide the skin into position.

4. Use a straight edge (credit card is ideal) to push out any air bubbles and excess water.

5. Wipe off excess water and leave to dry.

Skins cost 35 or less in quantity if being used on developments.